Porxets Exhibition Hall

Two exhibition areas in an emblematic building from 1793.

The Porxets Exhibition Hall is composed of two areas: the Espai Moret and the Sal Claros. The first, located on the ground floor and named in honor of the local sculptor Enrique Moret, is where the largest exhibitions are held and where the most renowned artists show their work. On the other hand, the Sala Claros, in homage to the painter Alfred Claros, is on the first floor and is where those small-sized pieces can be accommodated, since the dimensions of the room are smaller than the previous one.

This space is part of the Porxets building, built by Vicent Gascó in 1793. It is a work of great patrimonial and historical value that has been used since its inauguration for more or less public uses. Apparently, in the early years it was dedicated to the distribution of meat, which is why it is also known as the old butchers.

Where are the musuem?

C/ Sequial, 1 Sueca

Open hours

Dilluns a diumenge de 19:30 a 21:30 (Juliol i Agost tancat)


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