Joan Fuster Museum

Learn about the life and work of our most renowned writer through this museum located in his house.

The exhibition area of ​​the Museum occupies the ground floor of the house where the well-known local essayist spent most of his life.

Among all the material legacy of Joan Fuster (Swedish 1922 – 1992), ceded by his heir, a careful selection has been made of several personal documents such as manuscripts, books, letters, work notes, originals of his work or photographs that allow us to trace the life, literary and civic career of the extraordinary writer. All this accompanied by its artistic background with graphic work, paintings, ceramics or sculptures by Joan Miró, Tàpies, Renau, Alfaro, l’Equip Crònica, Francisco Lozano, Manolo Gil, Joan Ponç, Viladecans, Manuel Boix, Rafael Armengol, Artur Heras , Manuel Safont, Anzo, Antonio Saura, Joaquin Michavila, l’Equip Realitat and others.

The Museum, with the Documentation Center and the Contemporary Culture Teaching Room, form the Joan Fuster Space. The complex is located in an area of ​​great visual and architectural value, two modern buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, the work of local architect Bonaventura Ferrando. The Joan Fuster Space also hosts exhibitions, cultural activities and various workshops taught in the Contemporary Culture Teaching Room.

Approximate duration of the visit: 45 minutes

Where are the musuem?

C/ Sant Josep, 8-10

Open hours

de dimarts a diumenge, de 10:00h a 13:30h i de 16:00 a 20:00h


663 002 932