Come and live the emotion of the theater, the universal gesture of our town!

The Mostra Internacional el Mim in Sueca (MIM) is a festival dedicated specifically to exhibiting theatrical productions of both theater and street performances, in which body, body language and movement of the performers are the principal artistic elements of the show and the communicative channel with the most relevant public.

In each of the more than 30 editions, practically all the scenic possibilities that theater of gesture offers have been presented. This annual event, which is celebrated during the third week of September, tries to recover the various styles of the history of MIM, taking into account its artistic breath and without forgetting its innovative capacity. 

Including reviews of Greco-Latin pantomimic theater, French mimicry of the 18th century, commedia dell’arte, clown works, to the most avant-garde, original and contemporary proposals from national and international companies. Shows where the limits between dance and theater are not perceived, plastic-scenic performances, theatrical proposals with circus techniques, etc.

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