Muntanyeta dels Sants

Discover a unique environment with spectacular views. 

La Muntanyeta dels Sants is a unique place, an oasis along the paddy fields and an excellent lookout through which you can discover the whole marsh of Sueca.

La Muntanyeta dels Sants is located in the municipal area of Sueca, it is a singular spot inside de Parque Natural de la Albufera. A magnificent vantage point where you can appreciate, besides the fowl found in the Albufera, the unstable character of the rise plain, a vantage point par excellence, which can help the visitor understand better the cultivation’s working.

La Muntanyeta is 27 meters high with an extraordinary environmental value and Mediterranean vegetation. 

On the other hand, it offers natural ecosystems inside  the Parque Natural where, you can find autochthonous species of flora and fauna, thereby facilitating its observation and study. 

Moreover, it is a great place for those who enjoy photography, where besides its own landscape, you can find a great variety of waterbirds who overfly the sky of the La Albufera, practically at every hour.

How to arrive?