Sueca to the
Muntanyeta dels Sants

Cyclotourism at Sueca

Sueca has 4 cycle routes with specific sign postings, which allow the visitor to know Sueca’s wide natural and heritage legacy, in a healthy and ludic way. There is a point where all the routes meet and which can be used as a link between them in Muntanyeta dels Sants. Here is the chapel of Benissants de la Pedra, natural viewpoint from which we can get an excellent view of the marsh, Sueca’s coastline, and the rest of L’Albufera Nature Reserve. 

The route

Respecting nature is respecting our own life. Don’t kill more than time, don’t take more than photos and leave only tracks on the grass.

This is a 5.8 Km two-way signposted route. It connects the train station with Muntanyeta dels Sants and runs through the rice fields and  the irrigation ditch. It is connected with the cycle routes of Els Canos, Filtre Verd and Creu de la Llonga. It goes parallel to the Local Trail “Un passeig per l’arrosar” (A walk through the paddy field). 

Do you need a guided tour?

You can do the route on your own, but if you need it, we can offer you a guided tour.